Richard Boland has organized and completed 5 Riviera deliverys for his clients and each spent their own time cruising, fishing and sightseeing the beautiful Australian Coast. Being in front of the Sydney Opera House on your own yacht is an incredible experience or loading up your Riviera in Sydney and heading to Auckland, New Zealand will create lasting memories you and your families will never forget.
Richard will organize all of the details including your yachts specifications and equipment. Personal items can be shipped to Riviera for loading on to your new yacht.. .and shopping in Australia for your needs of your trip is easy and fun. When your ready to come home... Richard will organize the transport of your Riviera to the USA for more wonderful cruising times... see our Coast from San Diego to Alaska or to the East Coast for the Intercoastal Waterway to the Carribean.
You will never forget the memories you make cruising in your Riviera.

To stay current, each year we travel to the major East Coast boat shows and seminars. Understanding trends in our industry can help direct both buyers and sellers with more accurate and up-to-date information.

We are a member of - a computerized network of 700 Yacht Dealers, Brokers, and Lenders. This is valuable to assist in locating any yacht in the U.S., as well as yachts in foreign markets. Current sales, listings and prices can be tracked for any yacht you may be interested in. We are also members of the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) and the Northern California Yacht Brokers Association (NCMA). We use the CYBA forms for all transaction to insure maximum protections for our buyers and sellers during the buying/selling process.

If you are shopping for a high-end brokerage yacht, it's important to consider Southern California, the Northwest and the East Coast. If you are selling, we'll put your yacht in front of every broker on the system. We have the best display of quality yachts at our dock in all of California.

Locating a suitable Broker can sometimes be as difficult as finding the yacht itself. Our job is simple: locate the highest quality, best-valued yacht a client desires and can afford. In addition, we are involved with all aspects of the sale, including offering assistance with financing, insurance, berthing, surveys, haul outs, repairs, equipment additions, title transfers, yacht familiarization and handling. We provide these services free-of-charge and maintain our relationships with our clients long after the purchase or sale of their yacht.

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