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Riviera is the largest and most respected luxury boat building company in Australia and a major player in the global marine industry.
The name Riviera is synonymous around the world with quality, style, innovation, sea keeping ability and value. The company’s primary objective is to continue to deliver outstanding boating options to its ever-increasing owner base.
Riviera is focused on delivering exciting new models and fresh innovation in terms of the design, performance, interior fitout and quality of its boats. To achieve this, the company invests millions of dollars each year in technologies, staff skills and production capabilities.
We are proud to be able to share the Riviera dream with you.

Pacific Coast Sportfishing
latest boat review on Rivieras Motor Yachts,
"Fishing in Total Luxury, the Riviera Way!

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Riviera 68' Sports Motor Yacht...


77 Enclosed Flybridge | 57 Enclosed Flybridge | 52 Enclosed Flybridge
45 Open Flybridge | 43 Open Flybridge

72 Sports Motor Yacht | 68 Sports Motor Yacht

6000 Sport Yacht
| 5400 Sport Yacht | 4800 Sport Yacht |
3600 Sport Yacht

575 SUV | 525 SUV | 445 SUV | 395 SUV

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Consider cruising the Great Barrier Reef on your new Riviera.
Richard Boland has organized and completed 5 Riviera deliverys for his clients and each spent their own time cruising, fishing and sightseeing the beautiful Australian Coast. Being in front of the Sydney Opera House on your own yacht is an incredible experience or loading up your Riviera in Sydney and heading to Auckland, New Zealand will create lasting memories you and your families will never forget.
Richard will organize all of the details including your yachts specifications and equipment. Personal items can be shipped to Riviera for loading on to your new yacht.. .and shopping in Australia for your needs of your trip is easy and fun.
When your ready to come home... Richard will organize the transport of your Riviera to the USA for more wonderful cruising times... see our Coast from San Diego to Alaska or to the East Coast for the Intercoastal Waterway to the Carribean.
You will never forget the memories you make cruising in your Riviera.



Open Boat Weekend
Second weekend of every month!

Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show
April 4-7, 2019
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Our office and sales docks are located
in the beautiful Marina Village Yacht Harbor,
situated on the shores of the Alameda Estuary.

Richard Boland Yachts' staff
is here to assist you.

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BELIZE Motor Yachts

Whether the boat you enjoy now is your first or your fifth, you’re quite likely to be thinking about your next boat. In a process that never seems to cease, we all mentally list the things we’d want different – the ideal boat that lies just over the next swell.
This is perfectly understandable. It’s part of the whole magnificent obsession that is boating. One way this itch could be scratched is to commission your own custom build.
But apart from eye-watering cost, a one-off will also have solo components. The look of the boat may be on its own but so may you. Come resale time, you could find yourself in a market of one.
The ideal is probably a limited production; a boat with enough siblings in the family to gain the mutual benefit of service support, sense of community, and protection of your investment.

66 Sedan | 66 Daybridge | 54 Sedan | 54 Daybridge
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Richard Boland Yachts is proud to introduce the newest line of Overblue yachts


Overblue 44 | Overblue 48 | Overblue 58 | Overblue 58 Penthouse | Overblue 68


An Exquisite Range of Quality Motor Yachts. Once a luxury only available to the buyers of much larger yachts, Explorer’s bespoke customisation service draws on the expertise of its team of highly-skilled craftsmen to transform your unique ideas into reality.
So whether you want to reconfigure the living space so that you can live aboard in one of the world’s iconic harbours, or you want the interior finished with your favourite wood to complement your chosen upholstery, Explorer’s team of dedicated craftsmen are at your disposal to make it happen.

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Proudly announcing the delivery
of the 1st Explorer 50' PH
to a new owner in Australia

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Be sure to take a look at the
Explorer 50 Pilothouse interactive brochure
or download the brochure as a PDF file

43 Sedan: Brochure
46 Sedan:
Photos | Videos | Brochure
50 Sedan: Photos | Videos | Brochure

46 Pilothouse: Photos | Brochure
50 Pilothouse
: Photos & Delivery of the 1st 50' PH | Brochure
58 Pilothouse: Photos | Building of the Yacht | Brochure
60/62 Pilothouse: Photos | Building of the Yacht | Videos | Brochure

50 Hudson Bay: Photos | Brochure

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Richard Boland Yachts is proud to present to you some of the finest previously loved motoryachts and sailboats. Over 30 brokerage yachts are at our sales dock at Marina Village in Alameda. This is one of the largest displays of yachts for sale on the West Coast.  Sold yachts are being delivered and new listings are coming in each week. All of our listings are washed, dive checked, mechanically started and clean inside to insure that you have the opportunity to preview yachts in top condition and ready for demonstrations with an accepted offer.
Your invited to walk our sales dock with or without a salesperson. We are all available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with boarding for a complete tour of each vessel. Brochures with specifications and videos are available on our web site and at our sales office.

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